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  • Georgia sheriff’s office celebrates first K-9 deputy retirement

    By PoliceOne Staff

    DECATUR, GA, June 18, 2018 – Retiring after only 8½ years on the job sounds like a dream come true – unless you are a dog.

    To DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office K9 Deputy Viper, a Belgian Malinois who will be 12 years old in August, that’s nearly 60 “dog years” of searching for and always successfully snagging human suspects wanted by authorities for committing some of the most egregious crimes. Not your average

  • Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown sues city, police over arrest

    By Joe Knowles Chicago Tribune

    MILWAUKEE — One of the Milwaukee police officers involved in the January arrest of Bucks rookie Sterling Brown later posted on social media mocking two other NBA players, the Warriors’ Kevin Durant and the Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith, according to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    A lawsuit Brown’s attorney filed Tuesday included a post from Erik Andrade, one of the responding officers, that compared Durant’s

  • Book excerpt: K9 Tactical Operations for Patrol and SWAT

    By Brad Smith

    The Integration of SWAT and K9

    When the public needs help, they call the police. When the police need help, they call SWAT. When SWAT needs help, they call for K9s.

    K9s have proven to be a valuable tool in law enforcement. The key word is tool. Dogs are not perfect. They can make fundamental mistakes, based largely on their training. Their performance can sometimes be hampered by the environment in which they are deployed, causing them to not find people from

  • NYPD will start using summonses, not arrests, for marijuana

    Associated Press

    NEW YORK — The New York Police Department will issue criminal summonses to most people caught smoking marijuana in public instead of arresting them starting Sept. 1.

    Officers will still arrest people with prior arrests for violent crimes, parolees, drivers and some others under the policy Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner James O'Neill announced Tuesday.

    People with summonses will have to go to court and pay a $100

  • Apple’s new iOS will share location of 911 calls

    By PoliceOne Staff

    CUPERTINO, Calif. — An upcoming Apple operating system will include a feature that automatically relays the location of 911 callers to dispatchers.

    The iOS 12 will relay location information to dispatchers in an effort to provide “faster and more accurate information to help reduce emergency response times,” according to according to a news release.

    Apple is partnering with RapidSOS for the update and will use its Hybridized


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