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  • Top 20 best and worst excuses for speeding

    Author: P1 Community Q&A

    Cops hear some of the best explanations for why the driver they've pulled over was doing 95 mph in a 60 mph zone.

    Some make the "best" list for being outrageous yet legitimate, and others are just outrageous.

    And others are a little gross.

    Here are 20 real answers our Facebook fans said they'd received at some point in their law enforcement careers.

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    1. A drunk guy told me he was

  • The incredible shrinking squad car

    Author: Policing Matters Podcast

    Download this week's episode on iTunes, SoundCloud or via RSS feed

    At a time when it seems that officers are getting bigger and bigger in physical stature, the compartment they occupy in their patrol vehicles keeps getting smaller and smaller. The vehicles themselves are in many cases smaller than the trusty old Crown Vics of old, and they're being stuffed with an ever-increasing amount of aftermarket equipment like MDTs.

  • Photo of the Week: Range training in Quincy

    Author: PoliceOne Members

    This week's photo comes from Officer Dianna Maneksha with the Boston University Police Department in Massachusetts. Maneksha writes:

    "At the firing range in Moon Island, Quincy training with the AR-15. Get some!!"

    Calling all police photographers! PoliceOne needs pictures of you in action or training. Submit a photo — it could be selected as our Photo of the Week! Be sure to include your name, department information and

  • How one community reduced crime using graffiti analysis

    Author: PoliceOne Members

    Sponsored by Graffiti Tracker

    By Laura Neitzel, PoliceOne BrandFocus Staff

    During the heyday of L.A.’s gang wars in the late ’90s, crime spilled into the tidy, working-class neighborhoods of this small city in Los Angeles County.

    Today, some 20 years later, community leaders and residents are able to concern themselves less with crime and more with quality-of-life issues, like the famously congested SoCal traffic.

  • The massive growth of video evidence: What police administrators need to know

    Author: PoliceOne Members

    By Steve Paxton

    As a digital forensic detective in the United States for the past 10 years, I have had a front-row seat to the important role digital evidence plays in criminal investigations. In particular, the amount of surveillance video available continues to dramatically increase every year.

    To give you an idea of the growth my agency is seeing – a municipal jurisdiction with a population of approximately 110,000 residents –


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